Kegiatan 2022

DG and KOMNAS Disabilitas have a Collaboration Agreement for the organizing Dyslexia Awareness Seminar/Campaign in Indonesia

5th September 2022

Komisi Nasional Disabilitas Republik Indonesia
Gedung Kementerian Sosial & Masyarakat,
Cawang, Jakarta

Team Dyslexia Genius Malaysia in collaboration with EduConsultant Indonesia met with Head Comissioner KOMNAS Disabilitas Dr Dante Rigmalia and other comissioners/aids to discussed DG findings from the Educational Screening Test that was conducted at 3 Government schools recently..

Alhamdulilah..both DG and KOMNAS Disabilitas have agreed to sign an Memorandum of Understanding and a Collaboration Agreement for the organizing Dyslexia Awareness Seminar/Campaign in Indonesia, as both parties agreed that the percentage of students that has symptoms of learning difficulties are quite high and needs to be addressed.

Both parties also agreed to conduct further Educational Screening Test (EST) in local schools in the country, and to conduct full educational assessment using DDAT (Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment Test) for students showing symptoms of multiple learning difficulties, in order to provide the latest percentage of schools going students who have confirmed problems related to Specific Learning Disorder mainly dyslexia in the country.

After which using DG SPTBiD Program with collaboration with the Republic’s Ministry of Education current program for learning difficulties to further help dyslexics in local schools
Special thanks to Dr Dante RIgmalia and other KOMNAS Disabilitas Comissioners for their support for the SPTBiD Program and our EST/DDAT Assessment, as well as DG’s vision in helping all dyslexics to received a more quality education, in order for them to achieve to their true potential.

Hope that this MOU and Collaboration can inject more understanding to what is Dyslexia and what can be done to help them cope with their difficulties..

“For Excellence In Education for the Dyslexics”

If you can read this..please help someone who can’t

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